Changelog - Beta Patch Version 1.6.7b - December 11, 2020

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Gregorin's attack animation moving him up by one pixel.

Balancing and other adjustments

  • Revived units now get action points as if they just attacked instead of keeping the death values.
  • Autosave and volume settings are now stored in each save slot.
  • Autosave slot now only changes when 'x' is pressed in the save menu slot, instead of when the slot is highlighted.

UI and Art

  • Added game logo and splash animation to main menu scene.
  • UI should be more responsive overall, but holding 'x' no longer keeps selecting options.
  • UI performance improved.


  • Added missing skill sound effects.
  • Added enemy cries, they're played when selecting the enemy inside bestiary and on death.
  • All audio files have been remastered to have same average volume.

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