Hell was Never Better - Beta Patch Version 1.6.3b - August 03, 2020

Beta Patch 002 - August 03, 2020

This patch contains more bug fixes, major art and UI improvements and some game-balancing changes. We also added new skills, enemy ranks and animations. We hope your Final Inferno experience will be much more enjoyable and that it can give you a taste of what’s to come in our soon-to-be-released Chapter 2 :)

WebGL Build

  • Now you can finally play Final Inferno right in your browser with our new WebGL build!!!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed some scene transition issues
  • Fixed some targeting issues with the first boss
  • Fixed the aggro system, specially when a character was hiding or dead
  • Fixed an issue with the borders in fade-in/fade-out animations not being affected
  • Herman’s surplus was presenting an alien behavior and is now correct
  • Fixed some minor bugs with the dialogue boxes not showing sometimes
  • Some level info was not being shown correctly in the save file and at the victory screen and are now fixed
  • No random encounter can be found at the same time a dialogue starts
  • Fixed a bug where in some cases a paralyzed unit could freeze the game
  • Fixed a bug in the animation of status effects
  • Fixed (most of the) missing icons
  • Fixed some issues where a new skill would not be obtained until the party leveled up
  • Lots of changes behind the curtain to make the game better for you :)


  • We added a bestiary! Now you can know more about the enemies and their weaknesses
  • Autosave is disabled by default (remember to enable it in the option menu if you want to)
  • You can now save whenever you want using the pause menu
  • You can also adjust the sounds’ volumes in the pause menu
  • You can now have feedback if a skill has reached max level

UI and Art

  • We remade most of the UI so it gets much more intuitive (and pretty)
  • Some battle UI and icons were also remade to be more intuitive
  • Skills menu now shows each status effect for the skill and the necessary character level to unlock it, as well as other conditions to unlock it (if locked)
  • Completely new animations for the new Tier 2 and 3 skills


  • Added new Sound Effects to the Tier 2 and 3 skills

Game Balancing

  • Random encounter rate algorithm and chance were rebuilt and should be more enjoyable
  • New enemy rank after the old max level cap. Watch out!
  • After a new rank of enemies appears, the random encounter is momentarily nerfed (less enemies per encounter) so the players can get used to the new difficulty
  • New tier 2 and 3 skills for the characters.
  • XP needed to level up skills was reduced. You will level them up faster now!

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