Changelog - Beta Patch Version 1.6.5b - August 27, 2020

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a serious bug where after loading the game it could create a permanently corrupted file when saving.
  • Fixed some bugs with skill selection in battle, such as using the wrong skill when selected, or console not updating to the skill description.
  • Fixed max level skills showing as if they just leveled up after battles.


  • Random encounter rates have been adjusted to give a little move free movement.
  • Initiative calculation has been updated to make it more consistent accross different levels and level discrepancies.
  • Enemies' level and encounter rate are now calculated properly even if the player is overleveled/underleveled.

UI and Art

  • Added idle animations for Evil Spirit and Overseer.
  • Fixed small visual problems with some skills and units.
  • Damage indicators now change size and color if the attacks hits an elemental weakness or resistance.
  • Adjusted text color and outlines in battle and for the pause menu to make things more readable.

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