Working on that pesky HUD

Greetings everyone!

We've been working on the game with the feedback we got from people at the USP Game Link, and we are starting to do little steps to increase the overall user-friendliness of our game.

Firstly, it was quite difficult to remember which of your identical-looking airships did already make their move or not. Therefore, a little black hexagon has been put under those which can still float around and attack people. Yes, not exactly the best thing ever, but we plan to come up with better things on our next updates. Secondly, if you want a new map, you can now press "esc" to pop up a menu and quit the game without pressing alt+F4!

One other cool thing is that there is a nice little soundtrack now! Actually, it has been there since 0.2.6, but we kinda forgot to credit Miguel Gardini, the musical genius who let we use his track! Thank you and sorry!

Now, we are aware that this update is a bit minor, but, if you excuse me, I'm going to talk a little bit about Uncivilized's planned future. First of all: creating a deepest lore. By that, I mean we will actually tell a story and tell you who exactly are the Visokeans and the Devoid, and why are they flying around on a bunch of airships and blowing each other to bits. Also, base building! And units that can't fly!

Stay tuned for more Devlogs and bigger and cooler updates, and we hope to see you soon!

What is the price of freedom?
Rafael, Culture minister of the Visokean Republic.
Uncivilized dev team.

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