A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

HEXplore, HEXploit, HEXterminate!

The land of Ohurat is loaded with mysteries and precious resources, but also filled with great dangers. Take control of one of its most powerful factions and get ready to annihilate everyone in your path!

Uncivilized is available in English for Windows and Linux. The full source code for the game is available on Github.


  • WASD: move the camera
  • Q/E:  rotate the camera
  • Left mouse button: select unit or city
  • Right mouse button: move or attack with unit
  • Spacebar: begin next turn

Your city starts with 30 resources and produces 5 more each turn. Units cost 10 resources each. Good luck!

In the first build: 

The Visokean Republic - “While a brilliant commander or a powerful piece of equipment can win a battle, only a devout and willing people can win a war.” - Republican marshall Raveck.

Eons ago, Visokea was the capital of a vast empire. Years of bad management and a corrupt monarchy reduced its explendor to nothing but one single remnant city. Hearing the people clamor, insurgent militaries have overtaken control over the city. One last attempt to return Visokea to its former glory!

Using its powerful Zeppelin Squadrons, dominate the skies of Ohurat and destroy each and every thing in your path to rise above as the most formidable nation!

Another race joins the fight:

The Devoid Swarms - “Everything must have a meaning to exist. All meaningless things must cease. Life must be exterminated!” - Devoid Core

A long time ago a society of noble scholars developed a powerful and independent AI, hungry for knowledge but empty inside. The more it learned about the mysteries of this world, the less it understood its purpose.

A rage against everything unknown grew inside the AI cores. The AI seized control of the old society and began its plan to annihilate all life in Ohurat. Known as Devoids, they want to cleanse this world of its meaningless life forms.

Defeat the Devoid Swarms in 6 brand new maps! Alongside many more Visokean rogue Zeppelins.



A terra de Ohurat possui inúmeros mistérios e recursos preciosos, mas também está repleta de grandes perigos. Controle uma de suas facções mais poderosas e prepare-se para aniquilar todos em seu caminho!

Uncivilized é um jogo atualmente em desenvolvimento e está disponível apenas em inglês para Windows e Linux. O código-fonte do projeto pode ser encontrado no Github.

Credits (Créditos):

  • Project Owner:
    • Matheus Bragança “Mash”
  • Project leader (Líder de projeto):
    • Rafael Clerici “Lag”
  • Development leader (Líder de desenvolvimento):
    • Leonardo Chieppe
  • Programmers (Programadores):
    • Augusto Paulo
    • Luís Felipe
    • Vinicius Carvalho
  • 3D Artist (Artista 3D):
    • Jorge Halker
  • 2D Artist (Artista 2D):
    • Rafaela Souza
Fellowship of the Game
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, Linux
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)
AuthorsFellowship of the Game, chieppe, Vinicius Ricardo Carvalho, LuisF3, Rafael Pedrosa Silva Clerici, Augusto Paulo
Made withUnity, Blender
Tags4X, Fantasy, hexagonal, Sci-fi, Tactical, Unity
Code licenseMIT License
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


Unciv-0.2.7L.zip 34 MB
Unciv-0.2.7W.zip 20 MB

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