"You must wipe those plants from the planet!"

Those were the worlds from your captain that sent you to an alien planet filled with forests and plant-like creatures.

The agressive plant-like monsters are starting to be a menace for the galaxy's order, as they are sending spores through space in an attempt to dominate the neighbor systems.

Your mission is to invade their planet with your spaceship and eliminate all of them, leaving only their memory behind.

The planet has 2 seasons: Spring and Autumn. You must take advantage of the alien's weaknesses in the autumn to be prepared for their strong defense in Spring. (This feature is not functional yet).

Upgrade your weapons, dodge their bullets, and travel over the whole planet to eliminate them all!


Arrows: Move up, down, left and right
Spacebar: Shoot
Q & E: Change Weapons
Ctrl: Lower Speed



André Badawi Missaglia

Mateus Malvessi Pereira

Paulo Victor Souza Prado

Thadeu Antonio Ferreira de Melo


Leonardo Tórtoro Pereira


Thadeu Antonio Ferreira de Melo


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WorldMower_Windows32.zip 17 MB
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