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I tried to play for a while

In general, DEEP really deserves the title of "retro FPS". However, compared with the retro FPS games of other independent game developers, it is not brilliant.

First of all, in terms of the game, I like the match of the opening scene animation and UI interface, which is a taste of advanced science fiction movies. Then, enter the game. The scene of the game is excellent. I like this style. This is the first time I have seen this style of scene in the modern and prosperous FPS market. A kind of military base plus the feeling of research institute, it is this style that casts a major feature of DEEP. I would like to call it "DEEPLike (doge)", but one thing needs to be mentioned. Part of the scene of the game is too dark. In the second pass, I searched for the door opened by the blue key in the dark laboratory, and it took me 1 and a half minutes to find it. I don't mean to add an electric lamp. I think the firelight can appear when the weapon is fired. Maybe developers want to use darkness to set off the atmosphere, but I think if you add firelight, the dark scene will be more real and frightening.

As far as the game content is concerned, the mosaic map rendered by the software goes without saying. I think the combat system of the game is the biggest disadvantage. First of all, the first weapon (I think it should be a pistol) has too long attack interval. Compared with Halflife's Glock pistol, although this weapon has unlimited ammunition, it has become my main weapon because there is very little ammunition on the map. I hope developers can speed up its attack interval. There is also a shotgun, whose damage is really sorry for the title of retro FPS. Shotgun: the damage becomes higher! There is nothing to say about other weapons, but the damage of rocket launchers is a little too low When dealing with an enemy like a zombie in the half-life of the game, the rocket launcher even needs several shots to kill it. It is also a weapon that is sorry for the title of retro FPS. Rocket Launcher: Damage increased! Also, it is necessary to have more ammunition on the map.

The shooting feel of the game is not good, and the animation is not smooth. Although it is still in the early version, I hope developers can play with QUAKE, DUSK and other works again and learn their advantages. In addition, we also recommend an FP still under development - ASKE, which you can see here:

This is also a good imitation object for you. If we compare DEEP with it, we can only use rough to describe it. The combat system of the game is really bad!

Good luck to you. I hope that DEEP will also have a foothold on Steam in the future!


Oh, sorry, I forgot to have a flashlight! However, it is recommended to add firelight

this guy put his soul in the rating


Sorry, are you talking about me? Whether it's derogatory or positive, could you please explain what you said? Thank you!

im saying that you expressed yourself very clearly in the comment of the game 


Thank you, I always feel sensitive to sentences that I cannot understand:), after all, English is not my language

English is not my language to! my original language is spanish what's your original language?


Muy buen juego, he estado disfrutando un buen rato, aunque es muy dificil, me ha gustado mucho el ambiente estilo half life y quake, el estilo retro, lo de las llaves y demas me gusta, el sistema de puertas, pero lo que mas me ha gustado y que es de estilo profesional es el sistema de disparos. Gracias por el buen contenido y sigan así. Un saludo. Les animo a probar mis juegos de mi perfil.


Hi, I'm a huge fan of Quake 1 from Russia. I try to study all games like them. I want to make a small but pleasant review)

First of all, I want to praise the perfect choice of aesthetics in this game. If Quake is a gloomy castle, depressing shooting of rotten creatures, Half-Life is... Ea...,science fiction? and creatures from another reality (it's hard to call the game a shooter, because in HL1, compared to Q1, there is not enough really dynamic shooting), If there is a cold space in Doom, and the phrase "no one will come to the rescue" hangs like a guillotine over the head of the player, then DEEP perfectly combines all this in a single and unique aesthetic

This is "cold water". You don't feel safe. Despite the walls of the underwater station and a fairly "adequate" level of holes in it, you perfectly feel all the dampness and hostility of the location. The first infected shooter (I don't know what the opponents are called in the game, so I'll give them simple names) is surrounded by corpses, against the backdrop of burning barricades

This feeling is somewhat similar to Doom 3. When the player still does not fully understand what creatures he encounters and whether he kills them correctly. This is especially annoying when you look at the thin and see that there is only 1 cartridge left. The experience of any shooter player tells you to shoot 3 shots when getting any weapon in order to understand the mechanics. And since there are no melee weapons, there is no hint of saving - the player becomes simply creepy

And here is the first problem - the impact of a shot from a pistol is unfinished. I would suggest making its damage higher, and the shaking from the shot more tangible, so that it feels like a "small and weak analogue of a shotgun", just like in Half-Life 1

It's just that the next room offers to meet with 4-7 opponents (didn't count, honestly ^^") with weapons of very low rate of fire. As a result, two bullets hit us, and one hits them.

This works great for the dynamics and philosophy of Quake-oids games! They say "run SO fast so as not to take damage and deal it back", but I think on a low level of difficulty it is worth giving the player softer conditions^^"

True, when we find a shotgun, we are honestly shocked - because the cartridges for it are very limited. It is very difficult to kill a hydro-monster (bipedal strong creatures from dark corridors) with a pistol, and it is problematic to run to the shotgun magazine, since the corridor is very narrow

I would suggest widening the corridor and putting a bunch of ammo on the right and a monster on the left. So it will be possible to make a staged, but rather cool moment - the player grabs the ammo, runs out of the corridor and, turning around at its end, makes one accurate shot at the monster

The second floor of the room honestly caused problems. Infantry with shotguns (hereinafter Shortmens) is simply uncontrollably difficult, and we are given two + hydromonsters at once. And all this in a narrow corridor
It would be easier if there was 1 shotman, 1 hydromonster and 1 infected infantry. We could quickly kill the monster, the infantryman - and at the same time adapt to the shotman

Jumping and optimization are done just fine, I was very pleased with the reflections of the flashlight in the glasses - straight, feast for the eyes)
The project has a great future, very soon it will stand next to WRATH and STRAFE, but for now we need to urgently cut the save system ^^

I hope my little analysis will help you and not look too arrogant or something like that. I will be happy to test the next versions of the game)

Good luck, comrades)


Cool game. Me like :D

I think I may have found a bug I don't know if you designed it to be like this but I had armor and I lost my health instead of my armor


Great demo ! I love the art style, I am not a fan of playing FPS super fast in a speedrunning fashion, but this is well put together so no complain here.


This game desperately needs a save system


EZ beat it because I kept finding all the hidden guns, and things that gave you 200hp.


this is good, but pls add checkpoint


Pretty good so far! The shotgun's range feels a bit too short and the pistol feels kind of slow but hey you get unlimited ammo for it. Level design was fantastic and I like how you can dodge incoming shots if you need to. This takes me back to classic action games and was super fun! Got half way through the second level before dying! hope to see more!

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The game is unplayable. you spawn in a room and you can't do anything. im so confused about the other comments about the game being "good" considering you don't have anything to do except for stare at a wall.

Edit: nevermind i had to press the E key. sorry!


I see you didn't read the instructions



The one in the menu

Heya! I'm one of the developers. Did you try interacting with the door with the "E" key? If that still doesn't work, it might be a weird bug nobody's encountered yet, so do tell us if that's the case!


oh, yeah it worked! thank you!


Fun game!! I like the aesthetic and it runs so smooth! Great job :)


Great job.


LOVE IT. I WANT MOAR. as a side note, maybe beef up the damage on the shotgun just a tick. and beef up the sound so it carries some more weight. 


Great game, some proper low poly fps like in the good old days. Maybe the crosshair should be more visible, and indicate item interactivity.

Hey really nice work, love the retro style and plays pretty good in the browser even if an older version.

So Sick


cara, isso é incrivel, espero que tenha mais jogos iguais a esse


Very nice, muito bom!

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eu amava o jogo ate que quando ele atualizou o jogo nao funciona mais, depois que ele abre passa 2 logos e fica em uma tela preta aparentemente infinita, vou tentar usar a vercao em web browser

eu uso Linux Mint 19.0, 1 gb de ram, cpu 1,50 ghz


Olá, sou um dos desenvolvedores. As configurações do computador parecem um pouco baixas, ele é muito antigo? Pelo que pudemos verificar parece que atualmente o jogo necessita de OpenGL 3.3. Dependendo da data de lançamento da sua placa de vídeo talvez não haja suporte. Mas acho um pouco estranho ele ter funcionado antes, porque não me lembro de nenhuma mudança que poderia ter feito ele parar por algo como a versão do OpenGL. Vou tentar verificar no Linux Mint 19.0 mais tarde para confirmar se ele está rodando.

Bom dia, fiz o teste e aparentemente o jogo está funcionando no Linux Mint 19 em um sistema com as configurações da foto, infelizmente talvez seja algo que foi atualizado na engine que deixou incompatível com sua placa de video mesmo 😔.

A versão para mac não funciona no Bigsur

I liked the game so much that when it updated it just doesn't work anymore I'm really sad

Hello, I’m one of the developers. Could you please give us more details so we can try fixing the issue? What exactly happens, and what platform are you playing on?


on a laptop with touchpad and no mouse it's hard, as you almost cannot shoot and aim simultanously. But I guess all classic fps have that problem. Very nice implementation, and renders smoothly in browser.

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good game its very fun to play, hope you add more levels soon!


Pretty good. Player can shoot enemies outside their firing range, so its easy to cheese, but if you get too close they aimbot and never miss. It would be nice to make them a bit less predictable. The secrets were fun to find, not too easy. Level design is good. The guns feel awful to shoot. I think some animation work and a little screen shake/bob would fix that. Audio is decent. Pickups are decent. I would definitely play more of this. Keep going!


this was pretty fun! Definitely add more levels soon!


very nice game !!! played through it entirely , as a fan of boomer shooters , was really good !!!

Deleted post

Very fun! though the first gun does need a better sound effect, it sounds very weak. Apart from that however the game is really fun, and the graphics are pretty cool, I especially loved that bit at the end with the jellyfish.


I loved the game you play it several times without getting tired, please put a button to squat


controls are slippery and the game feels a little like a maze but i see alot of potential in this game


A short but fun demo. Loved the retro vibes.


ele ❤️😔


That's awesome! Who's the good boy??


That is a pretty awesome game!
Congraulations! ^^


hello i found somthing at the showcase of this version i found a secret weapon called at trident its is super OP


Eu amo ele mais do que tudo

Bravo! Not bad at all for a start. Great music


wait a second so one of the enemy textures a blob fish so adorable


Really nice game! I can´t wait to play it when it´s finished. I did a little video about it!


Very entertaining. With some polish this game would be perfect. Keep up the good work.

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